aquarium a classic feng shui remedy

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An aquarium with fish, plants, and constantly moving water is a microcosm of the ocean. It contains that is powerful and creative about nature – its diversity and the possibility of growth.

If goldfish are used it is important to choose only eight red or golden specimens and one black. The black goldfish has the job of taking in and displacing the bad luck of the other eight. It is essential to replace a dead fish immediately in order to keep the equilibrium and, beyond that, to keep your well-being intact.

An aquarium is a classic feng shui remedy. In China, they are displayed in office buildings and restaurants, always in the appropriate ba gua area.

For a long time, people in Central China sacrificed the heads of fish to the god of wealth. To this day goldfish in an aquarium serve the same purpose, signifying: “May gold and precious stones fill this house.” In Chinese, goldfish is written as chin-yu, a combination of the two words “gold” (chin) and “abundance” (yu). The goldfish therefore is a symbol of gold in abundance! A picture depicting two goldfish is also considered a symbol of fertility.


  • To increase and vitalize the energy in a room
  • For relaxation and to relieve stress
  • To strengthen the Water element of a person or a room.

Ba Gua Areas:

  • Wealth
  • Career


  • Do not place the aquarium next to the toilet or bathtub, and never place it in the vicinity of an oven or chimney.
  • The aquarium needs regular care. The water needs to be clean, clear, and fresh.