secrets of Nadi Astrology

 nadi astrological leaves are written by Siddhas and The Siddhas use their intuitive ability to look into the past and future of the individuals.

One’s natal chart is clearly the representation of one’s karma.   the future prediction is not 100% correct in all cases. It varies from person to person and the average accuracy ranges from 30 to 55 %. Why are not the Siddhas unable to predict 100%? when this question was put to the Siddhas themselves. The answers came and are interesting. They said that the clients who came with a sincere frame of mind got better results than the clients who were cynical. This is true in daily life. You become as you think.    

Nadi astrology offers remedies for all kinds of bad karma. This involves visits to certain temples, performing rituals like donation to saints, virgins, married women and others. The

nadi _astrology

nadi _astrology

remedies are based on the karma that each one has done in their past lives. Another important remedy is worshipping the yantra of the planet properly energized. It is better to worship the yantra of the devata of the planet rather than the planet itself. Also, it is important to pay a visit to Suryanarkoil regardless of what your karma is. The unique nature of Suryanarkoil is that the planets here are devoid of their weapons. Mantras used in the temple also do not refer to their malefic qualities. According to tradition, Lord Siva commissioned planets to be benign at Suryanarkoil.

Horoscope reveals about the career

Many persons start their career in service and later do well in their own business. Further, in finding means of livelihood, can we make a distinction between salary and pension? Many retired servants enter business but most of them either enter private service or live on pension and savings or rent on buildings they own or have built. It is very difficult to analyses all factors carefully and predicts the tendencies governing one’s livelihood. Like any other sciences, astrology too has its own limitations. We have to realize it and it is the duty of those deeply interested in the science to increase its utility to society by earnest research and selfless efforts


To indicate exact means of livelihood, though the horoscope depends upon blending of the influences of planets, signs and houses and there too it would be very difficult to predict with exactitude.

The twelve houses indicate different activities in the world. A professional means of earning a livelihood may be determined by the houses and planets which are prominent in a horoscope. If the 1st is strong, the native will earn by his personal efforts. If the 2nd is strong articles of food or speech would play a prominent part. The 3rd determines courage, brothers, heroic valour, communication, writing, short travel, etc. If the 3rd is strong and has connected with the 10th, the person may earn through writings and short travel. He may run a big business, may serve in army. If the 10th lord is connected with the 4th house and indications are strong, the person may get income from house or motor vehicle. The 5th has reference to learning, counsel, speculation, and games of chance. The harmonious dispositions of the 10th and the 5th indicate earnings through above means. The 6th represents sickness or diseases, if the 6th houses is connected to the 10th and the horoscope indicates medical studies the person may be a doctor by profession.

Moon – where are the good old days

Moon is the ‘soul’ of the horoscope. Within this energy it contained the pre-verbal memories of the individual, the experiences that most directly molded their responses to the world, and most importantly, how they really feel.

moon sign

      Depending on the aspects between the Sun and the Moon, we will see how well the individual connects their feeling nature with what they consider their ‘true self’ to be. We must remember however that the Moon is only partly conscious, and that even with the best lunar aspects, the person may try to disown their own nature here. This is partly due to the fact that the necessary lunar requirements for living are no longer popular or even available in today’s modern world. Some of the lunar requirements include a strong, supportive family unit, preferably an extended family, a full-time nurturing parent, nourishing foods and a sense of connectedness to a family home. Instead we typically have single parent families or one with multiple ‘steps’, fast food meals and moving from one home to another many times in one life. Is it any wonder that modern society is plagued with a sense of alienation, insecurity and obesity?

     It is within the context of the Moon that we will lament the passing of ‘the good old days’. The good old days are actually whatever grave us a sense of security in childhood. If those factors are absent in our current, adult lives, we mourn their absence. Mourning and lamenting, weeping and wailing, these are classic emotive elements of the displaced lunar energy

     Memory is lunar. Past life memories are lunar. We will tend to store in the Moon’s repository those past experiences with which we connected the most directly. This would be the heavily sensory material, or that which evoked powerful emotions within us. Many psychologists today will define emotion as “energy in motion”, an experience of feeling that is a higher wave length than that of matter, but lower or denser than that of thought. Emotion can build up and become congested in the body if it isn’t allowed to move, as many energy workers will attest to.