What is Astrology?

Astrology is known by the term Hora Sastra or the Science of Time that unravels what is contained in time. [Brihat Jataka- Ch.1 st.3]

Further Hindu Astrology considers that a human life is very much connected to planets and their motions in the cosmos. It is, in other words, a sort of rules and regulations that every soul is bound to follow (experiencing those through mind, body and intellect) once it enters this material world. These are Laws of nature. But this science is developed keeping in mind that a man is the supreme creation in this universe and has some liberties than other creatures which appears in the form of free-will and hence this piece of science should be regarded as a tool for one’s progress either materialistical or spiritual. It is well understood that the soul which has crossed the limits of this universe may not be bound by the rules of nature and Astrology may not best fit on such a soul. Still the body occupied by such a soul has been found to follow the laws of nature. But, all in all, that remains under the free will of such a realised soul, like Shri RamKrishna ParamHamsa, Swami Vivekananda Or (PPG) Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya.

Astrology is a lot confused with other forms of predictive techniques like tarrot, numerology, etc. It should be made very clear that by the term Astrology is meant the science which predicts making use of 27 constellations, 12 Signs and 12 Houses all set in a definite pattern based on one’s birth details.

Astrology is divided into three parts- (According to Prof. B. SuryaNarain Rao)

Ganitha (mathematics) or Astronomy,

Phalabhaga (Predictions) or Judicial Astrology, and

Prasna (question) or Horary Astrology.

Marriages and other ceremony may be separately termed a section of Astrology called Muhurtha or may be conveniently joined under 2nd division. Of all three sections, Phalabhaga is the most important.


What is the philosophical basis of Astrology?

Karma Theory is the basis of Astrology. For more please check the Home Page titled “ASTROLOGY/Karma Theory”.

What is the difference between the sun sign and the Moon sign?

A Sun sign is generally found out by the Date of birth and is followed in western Astrology. Though Sun sign is also interpreted in Hindu Astrology but that could be different from what you find according to the other methods. It forms just 1 % of what may be excatly predicted through Indian Astrology.

The Moon Sign is the sign occupied by the Moon at the time of birth. For this you may/may not need the time of birth but you require Date of birth as against the Sun sign, where the month can do. The Moon sign is mostly followed in Hindu Astrology.

Both of these signs can delineate the mental qualities of the natives. The Sun sign gives the broader view while the Moon sign gives more finer view. Generally a combination of the two leads to a better picture.

The Western and the Hindu Astrology follow slightly different mathematical steps to find out the position of planets.

It is better to keep in mind while going into Hindu Astrology that most of the TV Astrologers make Rasi predictions based on the Moon signs and there are also some who make on the Sun signs which is different from what is followed in Hindu Astrology. Approach is different. When an Astrologer predicts on your date of birth or on Month of Birth (saying that if your date lies within these dates), it is western approach (The Sun Sign); and when one predicts on your name or particular date of birth, it is Hindu approach(The Moon Sign).


What is the Ascendant?

The Ascendant is the part of the Zodiac which rises at Zenith when a native is born. It is mathematically found out from the given birth details. One sign generally remains at zenith for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

It is the centre point of the Hindu horoscope from which the counting of the houses begin. This sign rising at the Ascendant also helps in delineating one’s mental and physical characteristics according to Hindu Astrology.

What is Neechabhanga Rajayoga and Rajabhang Mangal or Manglik…dreadful / not dreadful.?

“A man may put on a decent dress, have all the airs of a gentleman, or one of noble birth and breeding, but when a careful examination of his circumstances is made, the inquirer may have various revelations that the noble looking person, may be hopelessly involved, or most miserably situated. Appearance may often be deceptive..“, this is how grandfather of Dr. B.V. Raman, Late Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao describes about the strength of planets in Vargas in his translation of “SriSawarthachinttkni”.
Planets in Rasis are indicators of rough results. Planets in Amsas are more powerful so much so that powerful planets in Shastiamsas produce great Rajayogas and those getting weaker in tksas may lose their powers to do the same.
As per Venkatesh Daivagnya in Sri Sarwarthachinttkni, “it is better to have a debilitated planet in the Rasi and occupying an exalted Navamsa, than to have a planet in exalted Rasi and occupying a debilitated Navamsa.”
The results are just opposite in both the cases.
When a certain planet is empowered in a chart by various sources of strength in astrology, it is said to produce the results of Rajayogas in a native’s life. By the term ‘Rajayoga’ in astrology means that the native will have all sorts of comforts and power that are meant to live a life easily. In other words the relevant Dasa/Antardasa brings upliftment in social status.
Broadly speaking Rajayogas can be confined into 3 categories –

1.. A native is born in good conditions and enjoys the fruits of Rajayoga all through his life. (Mahapurusha and other Yogas)

2.. A native though born in humble circumstances, slowly and gradually gains position and status and reaches to a height which can be said enjoying the fruits of Rajayogas.(Neechabhanga Rajayogas)

3.. A native is initially born in good conditions but slowly or all of a sudden loses everything and faces loss of position and status (Rajayoga Bhangas)

There are several combinations which are stated in Books for Rajayogas. I am here confining to Neechabhangas and Rajayoga Bhangas.


Some people who are born on the lap of misery and wretchedness, will merge into prosperity and greatness and attain to eminent distinction. Example – Napolean, a poor soldier’s son became an Emperor. Hyder, a poor Naik’s son and a cattle grazer and gardener became a great Soveriegn. Shivaji born of a commander himself of 5000 horse or Panchhazari became a great monarch. The combinations in their horoscope indicated poverty and low position at birth and greatness and prosperity later on in life. Say there is debilitated planet at the time of birth. Then his tendency would be to send the native to a low level or low position in society. But if it attains cancellation of debilitation it causes NeechaBhanga Rajayoga, the misery will disappear and prosperity will dawn.

Following are the conditions by which a debilitated planet attains the cancellation of debility.

The conditions are — [from "Three Hundred Combinations" by Dr. B.V.Raman]

a..If the lord of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet or the planet who would be exalted there, occupies a quadrant from the Ascendant or the Moon. Some also say that if the lord of the Rasi where the debilitated planet gets exaltation, placed in Kendras from Ascendant or the Moon causes Neechabhanga.

b.. If the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the debilitated planet should join a quadrant or a trine from the Moon, and the Moon and lagna happen to be in Chara or Movable signs or lagna navamsa happens to be movable.

c.. If two or three or four planets happen to be debilitated but occupy good Shashtyamsas or favourable and good Navamsas or exalted Navamsas, the evil arising from debilitation will not come to pass.

d.. If the debilitated planet has good Ashtakavarga strength then again the same can be told.

e.. When a planet is in debilitation but with bright rays, or retrograde, and occupies favourable positions and vargas, Neechabhanga Rajayoga is caused.

f.. Planets in debilitated Rasis should occupy exaltation Navamsas, cause Neechabhanga.

All in all it is very necessary that the concerned planet has gained sufficient varga strength to cause Neechabhanga.


a.. When planets in exalted Rasis occupy debilitated Navamsas.

b.. The lords of Aroodha Lagna and Aroodha Dwadasa be in Conjunction.

c.. The ascendant being Leo, Saturn must be in exaltation occupying a debilitated Navamsa or aspected by benefics.

d.. The Sun occupying the 10th degree of Libra can cause Rajabhrashta yoga.

e.. When an exalted planet aspects another exalted planet, Ucchha bhanga is caused.

f.. Raja bhanga is also caused by the lords of 6th , 8th and 12th houses when they accompany the Rajayoga causing planets.

For a student of astrology, the problem lies in how to estimate the strength of planets in a given horoscope. This is the skill, and the only skill in astrology, which is much sought for.

Generally people understand that if a planet is exalted in Rasi Chart it is capable of providing the results of Rajayogas and if it is in a state of debilitation it causes one to face the results just the reverse. But astrology is not that simple. That is only a superficial knowledge. If you just hold on to a single sloka from Sastras, you will not arrive at a good conclusion; many times just the reverse of it. To become a good astrologer or need to understand what astrology is, we need to grasp all the rules and regulations slowly and gradually and then apply all of them as a whole, collectively.

Generally it is prescribed to look into shodashvargas to guage the strength of a planet but if you limit to Sapthavargas, enough information can be collected about the same. That means we have to see all seven kinds of Vargas or sub-divisions (Rasi, Hora, Drekkana, Sapthamsa, Navamsa, Dwadasamsa, and Thrimsamsa) before coming to a conclusion – up to what extent a planet is fit for producing Rajayoga or causing Rajayoga Bhanga.

Only when the planet has no Varga strength (Sapthavarga etc), the evils arising from that source will afflict the native to the fullest extent.


The Sadesathi of Saturn..Is it actually that much terrible as people think about it?

People generally consider this word as the most dreadful word in Astrology covering a period of 7.5 years. It is generally believed that it brings disappointments, failure, misery and many other sorts of problems related to family and career oriented. Those who practise Astrology have experienced that the fear of Sadesathe has now become a baseless phsycological problem. ‘Baseless’ because the planet Saturn is though cruel and malefic in Astrology, but planets can change their nature ‘bad or good’ according to their ownerships and disposition in the horoscope. So Saturn forming good aspects with other benefic planets will bring good results and make the native fortunate. Since Saturn is somewhat related to service that is rendered to others, the Sadesathe of Saturn is also found to give promotions in services and also acquire properties. This concept should be understood by everyone to ward off unwanted fears.

Transits (the present movement of planets) have a very important effect in predictive astrology. The general principle regarding transit of Saturn in different phases of Sadesathe is as given below—

1.. “First Phase” – Saturn transits the 12th house from the Moon sign for 2.5 years. During this phase it is said to cause strain by extra expenditures. Causes misery to parents. Legal problems may also arise causing unnecessary mental worries. Remember those are general predictions and are subject to the dispositions of Saturn in the horoscope.

2.. “Second Phase” – Saturn transits the Moon Sign during this phase for another 2.5 years. Causes ill-health, loss of wealth, death of near relations and imprisonments. Affects domestic and professional life as well.

3.. “Third Phase”- Saturn here transits the second sign from the Moon Sign for another 2.5 years. Here it affects the health of the native’s children, physical weakness, financial stress and loss of comforts.

The results given are totally bad and anyone can easily infer that Saturn is the worst planet in Astrology. But the fact is these are general results based on the malefic nature of Saturn. Actual results are to be predicted only after considering the following points carefully..a.. The position of Saturn in birth Chart (from Lagna, the Moon and the Sun) – whether it is exalted or in Moolatrikona or own sign or occupies any of the kendras or trikonas.

b.. The lordship of Saturn for different Ascendants.

c.. The aspects/conjunctions of the other planets on/with Saturn.

d.. The number of bindus in the transiting Rasi is also to be required to be checked in Saturn’s Ashtakvarga and in Sarvashtaka Varga Charts.

Now for the general knowledge of my learned readers Saturn owns Capricorn and Aquarius. His Moolatrikona sign is Aquarius and the exaltation sign is Libra. Saturn forms a Yogakaraka Planet for Taurus and Libra Ascendants, due to the lordships of a Kendra and trikona simultaneously. Saturn transiting a sign with more than 4 bindus in Ashtakavarga will certainly produce some good results. So Saturn’s transit in any of the these signs produces auspicious results.

Hence, Saturn gives bad results during its transits and Sadesathe, only and only, when it receives bad aspects from other evil planets and also owns bad houses. Otherwise the Sadesathe produces some remarkable good results. [Ref.."The Astrological Magazine"]


What Actually is Horoscope Matching?

The fundamental unit of society is family. Those marriages which were finalised on the basis of Astrology have been found to be more stable, on an average.

Matching of charts is not an easy job as is the general thought. It demands good practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the Subject. Masses comprehend Horoscope Matching as Guna Milan which can be had from any Astrology Software or from a local Panchanga. But do you think Astrology is that simple that computers can match the given Horoscopes? Computers perform tasks logically as they are fed with instructions. Remember Astrology is not just Mathematics. It starts with mathematics but it goes much further than that. It is not just probabilistic science, though it’s approach is probabilistic, but deduction demands going beyond than that, which can only be ascertained by a spiritually trained human Mind, for Astrology is a Divine Science. Snap-shot matching of charts have only defamed Astrology leading to disastrous results. Dr. B.V.Raman, the father of Modern Astrology, seldom paid importance to Kuta agreement or Guna Milan. Following are the steps that have to be followed in the finalising of charts–

1..checking the correctness of the charts.

2..analysing the charts for Yogas and other factors..
3..checking the mental and psychological health of the natives.
4..longevities of both the natives.
5..checking for the factors showing more than one marriage.
6..checking for the malefic contents or doshas.
7..Kuta agreement comes only after all the above factors have been found to be satisfactory.

Nadi Dosha..What exactly is it?

The 3 Nadis represent Vata, Pitta and Kapha respectively. If the prospective Bride and Groom have the same nadi, it is said that their union will be unhappy and conjugal bliss will be absent. One of the partners may even die or they may have to suffer in regard to children. The Term Nadi in Jyotish may be related to Pulse in Ayurveda, which is used to find out diseases in the system.

If the bride and groom have different nadis then the children will be born with the appropriate proportion of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, so that they will be possessed of sound health.
Both having Adi Nadi——– married life is miserable, widowhood or divorce, health disorder are likely.
Both having Madhya Nadi——-one of them may die early.
Both having Antya Nadi———-there may be delay or denial of children.
Cancellation of Nadi Dosha…
1… If the bride and groom are born in the same nakshatras but in different padas, Nadi dosha gets cancelled provided their is no pada-Vedha. That is
they should not have padas in the following order….
I —— IV or vice-versa
II—— III or vice-versa
However if the Nakshatra padas are in the following order the Marriage should not be avoided on the basis of Nadi dosha…….
I ——– III or vice-versa
II ——– IV or vice-versa
III ——- IV or vice-versa
I ——— II or vice-versa.
2…..If the Moon signs are the same but the nakshatras are different, nadi dosha is cancelled.
3…..If the Moon-signs are adjacent but the Nakshatras are same, Nadi dosha is cancelled.
4…..If the lord of the Moon-signs of both couples be the same planet, that is if ekadhipatya is present, then Nadi Dosha is cancelled.
In other words we can say,
if the Nakshatras are the same but the rasis are different OR
Rasi is same but the Nakshatras are different OR
Both Rasi and the Nakshatras are same but the padas are different OR
the Rasis are different but the Rasi lords are the same,
then Nadi Dosha becomes ineffective.
Astrology is not just a set of some Rules or Slokas.
Though Astrology is learnt through rules but applying Astrology needs a lot of Intuition and God’s grace as well.
And it is found through experience by most successful astrologers that even though all the above conditions of Nadi compatability may not fit in the Horoscopes, strong matching of the following three can nullify even Nadi, Gana and Graha maitri Doshas.
1…….. Ascendant compatability,
2…….. Graha Compatability,
3…….. Bhava Compatability.
[Ref.. "The Astrological Magazine" and "Muhurtha" by Dr. B.V.Raman]

Mangal or Manglik…dreadful / not dreadful.?

People have general misconception that it is only Mars or Mangal which has to be matched during Matching. Secondly Mars is considered to be more dreadful that actually it is. [Also read query titled "horoscope Matching']

Mangal or Mars is generally referred to as a single planet. When it comes to matching the exact term is “Manglik” which in Astrology means all planets having malefic nature, namely, The Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Waning Moon and badly associated Mercury. Each of them have to observed in the two horoscopes which are given for matching. So it is not just Mars that has to be neutralised but also other malefic planets as well.
The houses that have to be looked for cancellation of malefic contents (Doshas) are 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th.
Every Malefic Planet is matched with a similar kind of malefic planet in the other horoscope, and yes special attention is paid to Mars. There are certain combinations in which case the dosha caused by Mars gets netralised or minimised.
According to “How to Judge A Horoscope vol-2” by Dr.B.V.Raman
Mars in the 2nd house is not bad if in the signs Gemini or Virgo.
Mars in the 4th house is not bad if in the signs Aries or Scorpio.
Mars in the 7th house is not bad if in the signs Cancer or Capricorn.
Mars in the 8th house is not bad if in the signs Sagittarius or Pisecs.
Mars in the 12th house is again not bad if in the signs Taurus or Libra.
Again Mars situated anywhere if in signs Leo and Aquarius causes no dosha whatsoever.
The Dosha of Mars is also countered by the conjunction of Jupiter or the Moon.
Benefics in the Ascendant (Jupiter or Venus) also have the capability of neutralising the malefic content of many malefic planets.
But if it is certain that Mars is causing Dosha, then it is safe to get it matched properly.
For example, if it is certain that the Mars in the 8th house is causing Dosha then it is safe to get it matched with the similar kind of placement. Mars in the 7th is also to be paired with the mars in the 7th or 8th in the other horoscope.
IN case of Mars placed in the 8th house in a female, Mars should have the house occupation of 8th in that of the Male also.
IN case Mars happens to occupy 7th in a female, then the occupation of Mars in that of the male can be in 7th or 8th.
If in case Mars occupies 7th in a male it is not safe to have it matched with the 8th house occupation of Mars in that of the female.
Similarly in “The Art of Matching Charts”, Respected Gayatri Devi Vasudev mentions clearly that Mars or Saturn in Lagna are also to be paired with either Mars or Saturn in any of the aforesaid houses.
These positions are to be looked from all 3 angles, the Lagna, the Moon, and Venus, the significator of marriages.
There are various others points which need to be taken care of while matching. The above mentioned points are some of them.

What is the use of predictions from Astrology?

The various other uses are as follows–

a..Just as you come to know that your exams are scheduled to start from a certain date, you have the option of gathering your resources and qualifying with good marks or secure a “anda (zero)”. The first part of this hypothetical example is the role that Astrology plays and the second part is what your karma(act) is, your Purushartha (Effort made in this birth) is. The former is the prarabdha (fruits of deeds done in the previous births) and the latter the purushartha. Astrology is Prarabdha and your Karma, the Purushartha.

Just as you come to know that it’s going to rain today, you have the option of carrying an umbrella with you or neglect the advice. The first part of foretelling was astrology and the latter part, your own Purushartha. In between (these two), comes the role of remedial astrology (the Umbrella part); and it is this field which has been exploited by so-called astrologers in cashing people which has brought bad name to Astrology.

b..Astrology is a huge chemical science and was/is therefore applied for even matching of charts before Marriages.

(This is another area where the so-called astrologers brought disgrace to Astrology by applying short-cuts to match charts without going into the intricacies involved.)


Muhurtha is just the reverse of Predictive Astrology. Muhurtha, in fact, is a part of remedial Astrology, where we try to “chose a particluar moment when the vibrations radiated by man are altered to a specific wavelength capable of entering resonance with the radiations of the same vibratory rate coming from other planets and stars.” (excerpt from MUHURTHA by Dr.B.V.Raman). Obviously opting for muhurtha where a man is dying or we are on the verge of losing a battle as in the ‘Somnath Battle‘ case would be highly ridiculous.

Many of us do not know that choosing a particular constellation and Tithi (and not the name of days as is generally understood today) from Muhurtha Principles can help us regulate our energy losses.

Dr. B.V.Raman explains in his book “Electional Astrology“-

“The human body is a bundle of electrical currents and the hair and nails are channels through which this electricity is discharged. Hence the cutting of hair from the head means much loss of vitality of the body.

That is why it is advised during Anushthans or Navratris or Vrats/fast that we must not get our hair cut by any barber to avoid the wastage of spiritual energies developed in our bodies.

If a man shaves after food, he commits a great blunder as the electrical currents from his body which are about to be discharged by the digestion of the food, are harmfully interfered with and as a consequence his health may be affected in the course of time…. The idea is just to avoid waste of energy. Eye defects, loss of memory, loss of sight, deafness and other injurious consequences are directly traceable to promiscuous shaving without reference to day or time and many physical ills of man may be minimised by regulating “shaving” in the light of Astrological principles.

d..Use of astrology is now being felt in Medical Field. Earlier in ancient days Ayurveda doctors also used to apply the knowledge of Astrology in medical field.

These are some of the uses of Astrology in our day to day life.

Is it Wise to Shave according to days or according to Tithis and Constellations..?

Dr.B.V.Raman in his book ‘Muhurtha’ says that the Human body is a bundle of electrical currents and the hair and nails are the channels through which it is discharged. He further says that according to Maharishi Vatsyayana, eyes, chest, stomach, head, heart, hands, sexual organs, navel, lower intestines are all seats of electricity. Hence the cutting of hair from the head means much loss of vitality of the body.

So to preserve our useful energies and to get rid of all evil forces, the Astrological Rules were laid down by our Maharishis for the benefit of humanity.

According to Hindu Astrology, Tithis and constellations are found to have more subtle powers than planets, hence in selecting a muhurtha greater priority is given to formers. In case of Shaving etc. we today have a distorted knowledge. Exactly speaking there are some constellations and tithis in which shaving etc. (the combination of which is applied) when done help us to preserve most of our energies. Like it is advised never to shave soon after food, as the electrical currents which soon discharge by the digestion of food, are harmfully interfered with, as a result of which we become more susceptible to diseases. Similarly the above combination of tithis and constellation help us keep ourselves more fit.

1..The constellations that are considered fit for shaviing are-

Ashawini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Chitta, Swati, Jyeshta, Sravana, Dhanishta, Satabhisha, and Revati.

2..The tithis which are to be avoided for the purpose of shaving are-

4th, 6th, 14th, New Moon(tkvasya) and Full Moon(Purnima)

It is good to combine both 1 and 2 and choose a day on which to shave. A general Calender with tithi and Nakshatra shown on it can be used for that. But one should avoid one’s birth constellation for the purpose.

Similarly for cutting nails Fridays and Saturdays are avoided and amongst tithis 8th, 9th, 14th, new Moon and Full Moon are also avoided. Combine them to find a suitable day for the purpose.


Do Gems work on the same basis as Mantras do?

Mantras also interact with the aura just as Gems do but more subtly. Moreover Mantras have the capacity to travel and hit the target, while Gems work only when brought in contact with or near to body. Generally Mantras affect, subtly, only the person who recites them. If recited with good concentration can even develop much more power and effect than that developed by Gems.

Mantras in certain circumstances do affect other’s lives individually or wholly.

Transfering the results of Mantra-recitation individually requires tremendous will power and involves a totally different set procedure. While Performing Yagyas with recitation of Mantras is an example of transfering results to whole mankind (wholly).


Can a Gem worn by a person effect other members of the family? OR On what basis do Gems work?

It is well known that the Sun’s ray consists of seven colours(VIBGYOR) and that they produce different vibrations which effect us. A Gem works by interacting with the Aura who wears it, by reflecting and absorping the vibrations and rays produced by the Sun’s ray; and thus effects the life and health of the person concerned. Aura, as we all know, is the result of all types of fields (magnetic, electrical, etc..) developed around us due our thoughts and actions. Thoughts and actions, in turn, are found to be affected, partially, by the planetary movements and partially by the will power. Gems, therefore, interacting with the Aura have the capability of affecting planetary influences upon the person who wears it.

It is, thus, found that the Gems affect only the person who keeps them in contact with the skin or body. They act with respect to you and not with respect to others. That means Gems can certainly bring about changes in your immediate surrounding and affect your relationship with others, but they cannot certainly alter others’ lives.


Is anyone in your house suffering mentally? Vastu has the reason for you.

If you or your children are suffering from mental tensions for many years, OR if somebody in your house is suffering from constant melancholia or other types of mental problems, then get back to the nort-east corner of your house. It could be having either toilet, kitchen, staircase or any kind of filth or pollution in the area. In that case, it is best to have the defect rectified by shifting things to correct directions and having a worshipping section in the area. Keep the area free from every kind of pollution. It is to be noted that the north-east area is considered similar to the brain of the human body; and it has been experienced many times that any defect in this portion of the house or plot is sufficient to role your life topsy-turvy for many years.

There are some methods by which the negativity so generated can be neutralised to some extent-

(a)Use yellow bulb in the toilet / corner,

(b)Keep salt (Sendha/khada namak) in a porcelain dish with some water within the toilet/area and replace it after every week.

(c) Keeping an artificial fountain or a water tank in the north-east helps in gain of wealth, mental peace and in curing children’s problem. Don’t keep fountains in bedrooms.

(d) Light a lamp deepak daily to increase positivity and keep a tamra-patra(a copper vessel) filled with water, replace the water daily.

(e) Pyramids also have the capability to turn negativity into positivity. But they should be geometrically well-built. Fixing pyramids is also a solution.

(f) Never have milky plants within the house.

(g) Basil plant (Tulsi) has the quality of purifying the air inside the house premises and should be kept in the north-east area to increase positivity.

(h) If you have an underground water storage or source in this area, it can solve a lot of your problems. But it should not be in exact north-east diagonal, but shifted a little bit in either direction. Alternatively, you can have water supply coming from this corner.