Learning Method

Most of the astrology courses being offered are by email question & answers or by recorded cassettes or CDs. The interaction level between a guru and disciple in this type of distant learning courses is very poor. This way even after spending six months and several thousand Rupees, one is not in a position to interpret and predict if a horoscope is given to him.

Where as all our teaching is by live online interactive classes. You ask and instantly your guru explains. We teach all the basic principles in the course so that you’ll be able to understand and interpret a horoscope and can definitely give some good basic level forecasts. After that you can study and analyze more charts and gain more hands on experience. Of all the web based astrology courses, ours is the most extensive one, most interactive, and the fees are also less.

Institute of Vedic Science makes use of the latest internet-based educational technologies to provide a rich learning experience. Students enjoy a focused audiovisual lecture with continual chat and spoken interaction with the teacher and the other students. Lecture slides, software demonstrations, whiteboard and numerous other resources. All the while they remain in the comfort and safety of their own homes, with their own computers, books and everything else available to them.

LEARN FROM YOUR HOME : So you can learn it from the comfort of your home.
The following are the details of the first ever live interactive astrology course.1. We will provide you with the following: A Complete course material in pdf format written by team of learned astrologers under the guidance of Achrya Vishnoo Diwakar2. Interactive Live Online sessions every weekend during which we will teach you chapter by chapter and step by step, the principles of Vedic astrology and their practical applications.3. Achrya Vishnoo Diwakar one of the most famous web based Vedic astrologers with 30 years experience conducts the live sessions of Astrology .

4. Achrya Vishnoo Diwakar has completed his jyotish Achrya course From Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan under the guidance of Shri K. N. Rao.


  • Tutor teach the class with maximum no. of 15 students for better interaction and attention. Student can see and hear the tutor while taking class.
  • Instructor can check the student charts, assignment on the student Pc by sharing his desktop application instanteously.
  • Each student can present the charts interpretation, palm reading, and Vastu layout to the entire student and your Tutor will correct you online where you are wrong. Thus increase your professional skills of prediction & Remedies.
  • During training Session student can post the chat on line for difficult areas, so that tutors can incorporate their difficulties in the current session.
  • You can get recording of the whole session from the exclusively dedicated live class page if you miss your class you can ask for the recording of the class.
  • Each student is given personal help online if Tutor observes that he is lacking in the class.
  • With the help of webcam Tutor can show you the right method of using various appliance like compass, Hand print roller, globe etc.
  • You receive a link each week which allows you to log on to the class. The classroom software downloads and installs automatically the first time the class is entered.
  • During the lesson, polls and other interactive techniques ensure you full participation.