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Institute of Vedic science introduces a affiliate program in astrology course. institute of Vedic science conduct online Vedic classes in i.e Vedic astrology, numerology, palmistry, feng shui,vastu shastra.

Who can become affiliate?

Any person or organization interested in Vedic science i.e. astrology, palmistry, numerology or vastu or willing to do under the auspices of institute of Vedic science can become affiliate & can start working.

How it works?
Our business plan affiliate program provides these great benefits:
  • You can place our banner or text ads on your website or in your forum, blogs, each time a customer order from our site you earn 16% commission of that sales, we offer a Vedic astrology course as promotion to all site visitors. When anyone visiting your website clicks on one of our banners and that person then purchases one of our products, you receive 16% of that sales revenue. We provide rapid monthly payments and performance incentives.
  • As an affiliate you can simply refer the person who is interested to learn astrology, numerology, vastu shastra, palmistry Tarot card course. based on your reference we will transfer the incentive from 10-20% of the course fees into your account
  • If you have website you can put banner & earn perclick /per sales done by your referral
Our affiliate program provides real time online reporting .real time stats can be viewed at any time.
How to join?
There is no cost to you to join & it is simple process. Becoming an affiliate is an easy way to provide more value to your visitors and earn more money from your website
We pay generous 16% commission on all sales that you generate. All sales are tracked accurately to ensure that you get credit for every single one can view your real time stats anytime
Please let me know if you need help setting up your affiliate program by sending me an email at: We look forward to working with you as an affiliate partner!