Refund & Cancellation Policy

Students must activate their U. Va. email account. They them need to log into student home page as soon as possible, prior to the day their online course starts, to ensure that there are no hardware problems or firewall issues that will prevent them from taking the online course. If such issues are not resolved prior to the refund deadline, no refund will be granted.
Each student’s and/or instructor’s lessons, assignments, work, and correspondence is copyrighted property and cannot be copied, duplicated, posted on another web site, or otherwise used without the original author’s consent. Conversations, posted messages, and information contained on this site are private and cannot be copied, duplicated, forwarded, or conveyed to anyone else without the original author’s permission. All students are responsible to make sure that they have met the prerequisites and requirements prior to taking any classes. By enrolling in an online class, you indicate that you accept these terms.
If it is found that student has already downloaded the complete course material after the activation of online account, whatsoever be the reason no request of refund will be considered.

We have posted our refund policy in order to help the consumer make informed choices prior to purchase. In order to receive consideration for a refund you must call the Institute of Vedic Science at +91-11-42401595 to request a drop from a class. This must occur within 24 hours of enrolling. In advance of your enrollment make sure that you have carefully reviewed the course description and outline and that you have scheduled the appropriate time to make the course(s) you are enrolling in. Technology-related issues such as bad emails and server problems that delay a course from starting or interrupting a course already in progress do not qualify for a refund request. A change of plans would not qualify for a refund request. Your inability to download software or install it or run it on your computer does not qualify for a request (however, we will try our best to help put you in contact with technical support personal to aid in any issues of this type). Medical issues and other unexpected problems while understood cannot qualify for refund consideration. However we can adjust your course so you may delay their start. We may, under certain circumstances provide alternative start dates and or credits for other courses we offer. Course material, software and CD’s and other proprietary instructional media issued to a student are non-refundable. Any customer service issues regarding the prompt receipt of materials or email notification or other communication necessary for you to engage in your course of study should first be directed to your instructor and then to the Institute of Vedic Science if you still are having problems that need our attention and help.

Institute of Vedic Science (operators of will refund
If Institute of Vedic Science is unable to offer the course due to technical reasons or the course is cancelled / no longer available, then Institute of Vedic Science will refund 100% of subscription fees received from enrolled students.
If an application for a refund is received before the commencement date of the first class.
The refund amount will be 40% of fee paid.
If approved, the refund will be made within 28 days (or 4 weeks) or receiving a student’s written claim.
If an application for a refund is received more than 7 days (or 1 week) after the commencement date of the first class.
The refund amount will be 25% of fee paid.
If approved, the refund will be made within 28 days (or 4 weeks) of receiving a student’s written claim.
No consideration for refund will be taken after the 15 day of enrollment.
Refund Procedure
All applications for refunds must be made in writing including reason for refund request, to Institute of Vedic Science by the person requesting the refund.
Refunds will be made by a Institute of Vedic Science cheque in Indian currency (INR) and refunded to the person who originally paid the fee (evidence must be provided).
Refunds will be sent to the payer’s home country address
Refund Policy for Online Consultation Reports reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without stating the reason.
Full Reports will be emailed confidentially within 5 – 7 days and you will receive email verification of your order. DELIVERY IS EMAIL ONLY. We will NOT EVER provide a hard copy print of reports. A paid receipt will be e-mailed to you. You are responsible for the accuracy of your data information. If you enter incorrect information into the forms, or into the shopping cart, and we run the report, will be charged for the report sent.
Order Carefully. Personal Reports and products that are electronic, emailed, or online are NOT REFUNDABLE for ANY reason. They will be sent to you by e-mail in Adobe Reader (pdf) format. You will need the Adobe Reader (version 4.05+) to open and read your reports and you will need the appropriate software programs for other files emailed or online. You are responsible to assure you have software knowledge and computer capability, including appropriate ISP and email accounts, which can handle large files. Electronic products and Reports are personalized with your name and thus WILL NOT be returned, exchanged, credited to your card, or refunded for any reason.
If you provide a bad Email address your Card will still be charged!
Please order carefully. No refunds will be given on reports that have been emailed form our Report Department. No phone calls to discuss reports without billing for Personal Consultation at the rate on the order form.
You will need Adobe Reader (4.05+) for these Reports.ALL SALES ARE FINAL. ORDER CAREFULLY! NO Products may be returned for refund, credit, or exchange for any reason. If we make an error, we will correct it at no expense to you. No credit, for any reason, will be issued to your credit card after you order. At these significant web pricing discounts, the protection of intellectual properly in the materials, and copyright protection for all parties, WE HAVE A STRICT NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, CREDITS OR RETURN POLICY FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. Please order carefully. Print this page for your information. By ordering you agree to these terms without reservation, and agree that you will receive no refund, credit, return, or exchange for any reason.